Morgan & Morgan Lawyer Explains Car Accident Insurance Secret

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Florida-based personal injury firm Morgan & Morgan is letting people know a tip about car accident cases that they might not have been aware of in their latest television ad.

In the ad, attorney Matt Morgan announces that in nearly all car crash cases Morgan & Morgan has handled, “the person who caused the crash has insurance.” This is in response to juries in relevant cases not being allowed to know during the trial that the at-fault party has insurance that would pay for the victim’s damages. It’s something, Morgan says, that “the insurance companies don’t want you to know.”

The idea behind the ad is that those who are unaware that an at-fault driver is insured will feel bad for them and elect to not have them pay for the damages. Morgan, however, notes that very often for the defendant, “the insurance company pays for that driver’s lawyers, court costs, and the verdict.” The driver themselves, theoretically, would not be the one paying at all.

Car accidents in Florida have increased every year from 2012-2015, and currently they are on pace to increase from last year. With crashes and the resulting injuries so consistently on the rise, Morgan & Morgan is encouraging the victims of these accidents to contact an attorney to evaluate their case. And in the wake of potential controversy and outrage from large insurance companies, Morgan & Morgan supports the advertisement and what it accomplishes.

“We at Morgan & Morgan feel that people who have been in car accidents shouldn’t be misled by insurance companies looking to avoid compensating them; they deserve to know the facts. We’re proud of the ad and hope that those who have been the victim of an accident know that there is hope for them to get justice,” said Brandon R. Scheele, a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer who practices in Morgan & Morgan’s Tampa office. Among his specializations are car accidents, having gotten clients upwards of $41 million verdicts after their accident.

For more information on car accidents and personal injury lawsuits, contact Scheele and Morgan & Morgan at, call the Tampa office at (813) 223-5505, or visit the location on the 7th floor of 201 N. Franklin Street, the One Tampa City Center building. Morgan & Morgan is a law firm with over 30 offices nationwide; their Tampa office’s practice areas include automobile accidents, personal injury, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice and insurance claims and disputes.


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